Get on the Squirrel!

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Jezus Luweezus! Get on the Squirrel, no time to explain. It’s a frog riding a squirrel, no really.

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Everyone had been preparing for it since they were born. Every father was telling his son stories about the biggest war of the century, which might burst in every second. Every tadpole was taught what to do in case of the disaster: to improvise. This was something inevitable and unpredictable. In fact, no one knew what it is, or what does this dangerous war represents, but they were ready to defend their village.

“When the catastrophe will be here, we are going to be one step ahead. You must improvise. Improvisation is the strongest weapon. It’s indestructible. When the danger is near, you must know how to use everything you have.”

One dull evening, when everyone was minding their own businesses, Bobby, a dumb frog was reading a papyrus about “What should you do in case of war”. He knew from his mentor that you must read between the lines. In case of war, you most transform everything in a weapon Be creative!. “Oh, that’s easy”, thought Bobby. “I am very creative.” In case of war, you must find the fastest way to get to the danger zone. “Piece of cake!” exclaimed Bobby. “I will find it. I can do that.” Suddenly, he heard a deafening noise. It was the Big Bell. “Oh, this means emergency!” exclaimed Bobby, with an unusual excitement in his voice. Emergency, emergency!

The Queen Frog was kidnapped. The war has started.

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for this moment! Let’s see. Firstly, I must transform everything into a weapon. Hmmm…I know! Look at this blade of grass. It seems to be very sharp. This will be a great weapon. Secondly, I must find the fastest way to get to the castle.” Bobby was a little bit confused. He was looking around, trying to find a solution. “I know, I know!“

He called his brothers and ordered: GET ON THE SQUIRREL, NO TIME TO EXPLAIN.

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